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Water Making

Life is real easy here. The marina is superb, our slip is closest to the restaurant, pools and Jacuzzis, and the marina crew is very helpful and friendly. Only a few days here and we're feeling at home, and welcomed.

One thing that is somewhat more complicated than we're used to: The dock water is not potable, so we cannot use it to fill our water tanks.

Another beautiful morning in Ensenada.

There are a few solutions to this problem, and since it's going to be a common one in Mexico, we obviously needed to find an answer that works best for us.

We could order 5 gallon jugs at the office, and they'd be delivered on board, but we prefer having clean drinkable water in our whole system, not just from a jug.

So our solution is to make use of our on board water maker: We run the dock water through the water maker to make it safe. The dock water is first passed through a simple 10 micron filter with a carbon element to eliminate any potential traces of chlorine (although I am told Mexican water doesn't contain any, I'm not risking our expensive membranes), before feeding the inlet of the water maker through the sea strainer.

Dock water going through a pre-filter. The untreated side can be used to wash the boat.

Next, it passes through another filter then a smaller 5 micron one before being pressurized by the water maker, to eliminate all impurities still left over through its osmosis membranes.

Routing the dock hose from the filter to the engine room.

Feeding the water maker through the sea strainer.

Simple as that!

Running the water maker as usual, limiting its output to its rated production, we produce about 17 gallons of pure fresh water an hour. Since there are no salts to eliminate, the pressure required is much lower, around 300 psi versus around 650 psi in sea water.

With our water problem sorted out, time to go and enjoy another form of water: The Jacuzzi and swimming pools.

Princess doesn't much like it when I leave her: She's obviously not allowed in the pool area. So she waits for me, eagerly and intensely looking at the dock.

But she does get her own treat too. Nice walks, with skunks and squirrels to alert on.

Vacation for all.

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