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The List

All boat owners and cruisers have "the list" of things they want to do on their boat.

The list somehow never gets shorter, and often for every item you cross of the list, you add another couple.

Some are urgent, and get taken care of soonest, but most items on the list are of the wishful kind. They'll be done when we have time, energy, money, or all 3 of them.

One of the list item was repainting the wire shelves inside our old sub-zero fridge that had rusted over the years.

Today was the day: In preparation for our soon to come cruise we had been using a lot of our old provisions to be replaced with fresher ones, so the fridge was almost empty. I used that occasion to get the wire shelves out, brush the rust away, apply a special anti-rust paint, followed by a few coats of white paint to restore the shelves to their previous glory.

Wire shelves repainted

Brand new looking fridge

Next on the list is to finish the repairs of the cockpit gate. It is ready to go and awaiting a new can of sprayable gelcoat.

Working on the cockpit gate and hinge

Another item was to find, fit and varnish a wood plank to fit the stove top and provide additional working surface in the galley when we're not heating anything on the burners.

It took forever to find a cutting board of the right size, and at some point I even considered having one done made to measure. Luckily, after a lot of research I was able to source one to exactly fit.

A few coats of teak oil followed by a couple coats of epoxy and we now have more galley working space.

Extra work surface in the galley

2 items down.

Plenty more to go.

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