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Lyons Ferry Park

We'd swore to avoid Lyons Ferry marina on the way back if we could, so we chose to go on the other side of the river instead at Lyons Ferry Park.

Exiting Boyer Marina is still a tight exercise, but we're familiar with the grounds now, so it's not as intimidating as when we first arrived and had no idea if the narrow jetties left sufficient water depth for Enfin's 6 feet draft.

Tight entrance into Boyer marina

The canyons and Snake river were just as beautiful as on the way up, and we still enjoyed every minute of the transit.

Down locks is much faster than going up, especially the first half of the drop that seems to put Enfin and crew on a Russian Mountain.

Our descent has begun, doors open to further adventures

The day was beautiful with bright sunshine and the huge blue skies we like in the area.

Finding the entrance to the park needed some deep faith in our navigation charts.

I had to squeeze Enfin between 2 nasty looking steel dolphins, only about 30 feet apart, keeping in mind the small river current and making sure my sounder confirmed I had enough water. Luckily we had no wind.

A tight fit to enter the park's anchoring area

Once inside the park, the water depth went back to about 20 feet or so, and the boom logs made for decent protection against passing vessels' wakes.

We used the last of the beautiful light to go ashore in our tender. We took plenty of photos of Enfin in the stunning light, and maybe one of them will be our candidate for this year's Nordhavn calendar.

Enfin in beautiful sunset light

The park was empty, with beautiful green grass, a kid's area, 3 full restrooms with showers -a remnant of the time when it was an RV park- as well as a boat ramp.

A very pleasant place to spend our night and we were very happy to skip the adjacent marina.

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