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Fish Hook with Friends

We kept Fish Hook on our "must return" list, so we decided to stop again on our way back down the river.

The day was easy, with just the initial exit from the Lyons Ferry anchorage being tight.

Squeeze the 14.5 feet of Enfin between the rusty steel dolphins. Don't hit them or the logs on port side. Remember there is always some current

On the trip we saw our friends on "Amazing Grace" at anchor and had a quick chat on VHF 68. The next night we saw them come into Fish Hook, so after taking a few photos of each other's boat in the amazing light we caught up and agreed to waffles on the dock the next morning.

Waffles were a fun affair, with Di preparing a whole batch of them on our generator powered waffle maker. A display of wanton energy use if I ever saw one, but since we needed to recharge our batteries anyway, I can also argue the waffles' energy was effectively free.

Amazing Grace at Fish Hook

Enfin at sunset, Fish Hook

A great time, in good company, but all things come to an end. We left Amazing Grace behind, and I'm sure they were happy to get the place to themselves. It's a great place for it.

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