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Cadboro Bay.

Act like you belong....

When I was 16 a friend of mine and I went to the Cannes Festival. We both looked much older than we were, and he had scored some sort of "press" credentials somehow, so we got in the Palais des Festivals. There, we bluffed our way deeper in deeper into the inner circle, until I got invites for the closing dinner, a very posh affair full of celebrities. I had been invited by a prominent film director who'd I'd struck a long conversation with, discussing the last Godard. The lesson of those great days was "act like you belong"!

I anchored in Cadboro Bay early afternoon, and landed ashore in nearby Royal Victoria Yacht Club, where prominent signs displayed access for members only. Undeterred, I asked my way to the dinghy dock, and was shown where to go. Either they are friendlier than the numerous "not for you" signs indicate, or I'd just acted like I belonged. Either way, it was a good spot to go ashore, if not the only one in the bay. All other spots would have meant muddy treks in shallow water. So thanks to the RVYC for their hospitality.

In the evening I watched a regatta happen around the boat. The organizer had laid the course close to Enfin, so I set up on the bow with a drink and watched the series of regattas around me. There were a few crew that looked like they really knew what they were doing, so it was an enjoyable spectacle.

Ashore, the area is clearly very rich and posh. Not my cup of tea, but I do admire and understand the neatness and beauty of the grandiose houses and impeccable landscapes. The best part was a very large dog park close to the university where Princess got to run at her heart's content. Always a joy to see her push her full speed.

The marina, and in the far away background Enfin.

Being only about 1.5 hour sailing time to Victoria Harbour made Cadboro Bay a good stopping spot on the way.

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