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Back to France

It's been 4 months already since my Doctor officially told me I was in remission. Rushing home during Covid times allowed us to spend 3 of those months on Enfin. And what a quarter that was! I felt I was regaining strength, being able to walk and run more and more with Di and Princess. A few boat outings and a short cruise. Lots of good times and just enjoying life on our boat and life together.

The simple joys of being with Di and having Princess nearby. The good life.

Now is time for my first checkup post remission: My Doc wants to take no risks, and has prescribed a full Petscan. She is clearly worried that I am at risk, and I am grateful for her diligence. My statistical risk of relapse is 1 in 3, which I equate to 2 chances out of 3 of NOT relapsing. In cancer terms it's definitely very decent.

This time I'm going to France alone, as going as a family would be horrendously expensive (Princess is the most expensive of us to fly around) and not all that useful. All going well I won't stay there longer than 3 weeks, cutting my trip short if the Doctor allows and the news are good. Fingers firmly crossed!

I chose to fly Delta. It's been a very long time since I flew with them. When we lived in Panama City, Fl they were pretty much my only option for business trips, and I got to call them "Didn't Even Leave The Airport". Their regional airline was ASA, which we all knew meant "Always Stuck in Atlanta". When we moved to Houston, I started flying Continental then United and never looked back at Delta.

But Delta has made it clear that they enforce mask rules on board their planes, and with my lower immune system this has to be the most important criteria for me.

Masks strictly enforced and very few passengers

Traveling to France and Europe is not open to US citizens at the moment, except for very special cases, so only European residents can fly in with relative ease. I say "relative"as European authorities expect various health measures before entering. For France they require a negative PCR Covid test within 72 hours of flight. Then there are a few forms to fill in, all boiling down to you confirming you have no Covid symptoms.

The flight was very nice and uneventful. The flight attendants, seeing my condition -my setup is a bit of a give away!- were ultra kind to me. They immediately reserved a whole row for me so that I could lay down and rest whenever I needed. A big huge thanks to all on board for their kindness. It's not 2000 anymore and Delta is not the same company I flew back then.

In Covid times, I'll chose Delta despite not having the lifetime status I have with United.

Another Covid test in France, blood test and Petscan before I can know the results.

So here's to coming back early.

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2 comentarios

Capt. Eric
08 oct 2020

Merci beaucoup Christelle L'hôtel est aux petits soins avec moi et je retrouve mes repères de ces derniers mois. A nous revoir bientôt quand le Covid permettra.

Me gusta

Christelle Macloud
07 oct 2020

bonjour Eric j espère que ton voyage c est bien passé et que l accueil à l hôtel est bon si jamais tu as besoin de quoi que ce soit fais nous signe nous sommes pas si loin de Lyon 😉 j espère que tout tes examens de santé seront bon pour que tu puisses retrouver rapidement ta petite et merveilleuse femme 😊 ainsi que Princesse en attendant je te fais d énormes bisous et à bientôt 😘

Me gusta
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