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The other one...

Yes there is a cemetery here too, but that's about the end of the similarities with the place we lived in when we first moved to the US together Di and I in Virginia.

Beautiful city park

Across from the marina, going across the level railway crossing then under the highway bridge, is the town of Arlington. The marina is small, but very nice and well maintained, with nicely kept grounds.

On the way downtown is a beautiful city park built around a small river cove, with lush green grass that Princess enjoyed very much.

Panoramic view of the whole of downtown!

Downtown is more pleasant than the photo might indicate. There are 2 small pedestrian areas serving the main shops and businesses around. Basically a groceries, a couple restaurants, a hardware shop, library, bank, a small medical center and few more.

Of note is that the hardware store is also a liquor store and a leather (horse saddle) shop. It might also do dentistry for all I know!

Back at the marina, we have a nice pebble beach with clean water for Princess to jump in, which she never fails to do.

Princess always goes in the water when we let her

A nice small place with a few helpful shops and services that we'll keep in mind if we need some on our way back. At this time we chose not to re-provision as we still have plenty on board and we found mask rules are not observed indoors in the various businesses we saw.

We see no reason to pay someone to put us at Covid risk (the county has very high positivity and hospitalization rates), so for the time being we're going to pass by.

Tomorrow we'll be aiming to get close to the next damn and lock.

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